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One significant advantage of infographic resumes over plain CVs is that they make you stand out immediately. Simply put, an infographic is a graphic that presents information and/or data — most importantly, in an easy-to-understand way. CREATE THIS TEMPLATEBut more importantly, we can use color to draw attention to particular pieces of information and push supporting information into the background. Choosing the right type of template for your content is one of the keys to a successful infographic. Once you’ve got an outline, you’re ready to pick an infographic template. For a more detailed run-down of this process, check out our guide on how to create an infographic outline.

  • The page looks relatively simple at face value, but there is actually a lot of research here.
  • Just as infographics spruce up dull blog posts, whitepapers, and eBooks – so too can they enhance career resumes.
  • Not only does this format create balance visually, but allows the viewer to enjoy reading the copy and admiring the illustrations one at a time.
  • The many infographic types are a great way to present complex ideas in a simple, visual format.
  • List infographics make a good fit for many English and History projects.

The use of the color purple is pleasant to the eye, and the contrasting pinks and oranges to demonstrate flight makes the movement of wings clear. Beginning with a factual speed, it uses science and math to calculate the proposed speed of following fictional spaceships afterward. With images of each ship in question, readers can recognize ships they know and perhaps be prompted to investigate others they don’t further. For those inclined to the best of music, an infographic can easily display something similar to that shown here. Analyzing who wrote the most songs in the Beatles, this graphic doubles the information by including what year they wrote the song as well. Almost works of art in themselves, this infographic displays the branching of music within the genre of Hip Hop. It allows the reader to easily follow the influences and branching off of certain genres within an overarching musical style.

Developing infographics for your content

While your infographic design should not be based entirely on typography, you are very likely going to use some text. It can make a big difference best infographic examples to whether or not your infographic catches people’s eyes or not. Remember to tailor your infographic to your target audience.

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The best infographic maker in 2022.

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Infographics still have the capacity to build great links. But, only when they have the data that is of interest to your audience. To define, an infographic is a visual representation of information that can be grasped easily and quickly. Stay up to date with our news, blog posts, and announcements by subscribing to our Newsletter. It’s difficult to draw the human figure, but we know that everyone can learn. You’ve got a DIY infographic that can be shared on socials, printed on your collateral, or used in PowerPoints and presentations.

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This infographic isn’t long in size or full of copy, which allows the visuals to stay in the spotlight. This infographic by Tommy John breaks up the text throughout its partner blog post, but uses smart ways to display statistics gathered from a hygiene habits study. Infographics are a great way to present complicated information in a condensed and simplified format. They are used for different purposes, but can be the icing on the cake you may need for your next marketing campaign or blog post. If starting your infographic from scratch feels a little daunting, don’t worry — we’ve got plenty of templates to get you started.

best infographic examples

The hazards of being hijacked or unknowingly downloading a virus to your computer or server are well known. Have enough white space and alignment to give visual breaks to the eyes. This infographic lays down the achievement of a well-known basketball player, the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant. This infographic shows how African elephants that reside in forests and savannas are facing the accelerating danger of extinction. Use arrows and numbered steps to indicate the direction of the process.

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Although this infographic only spans two years, it uses a simple design to mark important dates and chunks of time. Here’s another example of a great decision flowchart for understanding your business communication style. This one uses more than just yes and no answers to make the flowchart more interesting to run through. Everything you show represents you, make it memorable and meaningful. There are no other words for this piece of Art than awesome.

best infographic examples